ENERAL offers you the most advanced solar products and the most quality installations on the market.

Our 8 year experience in the solar energy sector enables you to make the right choice for your photovoltaic system.

We offer co-investment opportunities making you feel safer and more powerful in your investment.

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ENERAL helps you to utilize all the opportunities that solar energy offers. The company offers a wide range of products, systems, solutions and services designed and produced by well-known European and World-renowned firms.

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Our Services

Project Design

We design your request by suggesting the most appropriate option for building your photovoltaic system


We build your photovoltaic system by assuring maximum efficiency for solar power


We assure you durability and efficiency over the years to maintain your investment and benefits









Major Projects

Xsanthi 2MW

2 MW power plant built in Crete, Greece, using mobile systems that automatically follow the sun movement.

Tsotili 1.2MW

Power Plant with capacity 1.2 MW built in Kozani, Greece with mobile systems and attractive views like waterfalls.

Pentalofo 1MW

Power Plant with 1 MW capacity built in Pentalofo, Greece with static metal constructions.

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